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Zitterkopf Genealogy

My prime interest is to complete the genealogy and descendent tree for the Johann Peter Zitterkopf family of Huck. I am aware of and have communicated with multiple Zitterkopf family groups in the US, all of who are Huck descendents. The groups include my own family, the Zitterkob group near Moore, Oklahoma, a group in and near Flint, Michigan, and at least three groups in western Nebraska (e.g. Scottsbluff, Gering, Bayard, etc.). Zitterkopf/-kob/-koff children of these groups now live in various locations of the US, including Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, California, Idaho, and Washington. Other persons whose grandmothers or great-grandmothers were from a Huck Zitterkopf family are also scattered throughout the US making for a patchwork quilt of locations.

I have records beginning in Germany that include the first Zitterkopf family listed in the 1775 Huck census. I’ve been fortunate to complete my own family record to that first Johann Peter and Katherina (Weigand) Zitterkopf family. The gap in Huck records from 1857 to 1889 has (so far) prevented me from completing the descendent tree from Johann Peter and Katheria for all the other Zitterkopf groups.

I am also aware of a number of Zitterkopf families living in Argentina, South America, and Germany with whom I am attempting to establish a family relationship. That represents my focus topic. I want to communicate with persons who have birth, marriage or death records for Zitterkopf family information from that 1857 to 1889 period. I continue to hope that records will be found in Russia to document the family for that period. Until then, I look and wait.  Dennis Zitterkopf

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