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Parish Genealogies

These parish genealogies are the next most important genealogical tool next to the Russian Census Lists.  These records often tell the history of the family.  Whom they married, how their family grew, and where they were laid to rest. 

This list will be added to as more books become available and the contact.

Antonino, Ks. - Our Lady Help of Christians$40.00

Catharine, Ks. - St. Catherine Catholic Church


Ellis, Ks. - St. Mary's Catholic Church$25.00

Hyacinth, Ks. - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church$40.00

Pfeifer, Ks. - Holy Cross Catholic Church$18.00

Severin, Ks. - St. Severin Catholic Church$40.00

Victoria, Ks. - St. Fidelis Catholic Church "Der Herzoger" 

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