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Wittmann (Solothurn), Russia

AHSGR Village Coordinator - Kevin Rupp


Colony Movement

Wittmann (Solothurn), a German Catholic colony, was established on the "wiessen seite"  or "meadow side" of the Volga River on the 3rf of August 1767. The Russian name for Wittmann is Solothurn.  The colony was founded by Baron Beauregard.

Photograph from the collection of the Kansas State Historical Society, Copy and Reuse Restrictions Apply.

Scouts Peter Stoecklein, Jacob Ritter, Nicolaus Schamme, Peter Leiker and Anton Wasinger

This photograph was published in the Hays Daily News, November 11, 1929, with the following caption: Here is a group picture of the five pioneers who came to Ellis county, Kansas, from the Volga region of Russia in 1874. These five men were delegates sent to America by the Volga colonies for the purpose of seeking a location to establish new settlements, as many of the Germans of the Volga region were determined to leave Russia and migrate either to North America or South America. This picture was taken of those men shortly before they left Russia bound for America. Reading from left to right are Peter Stoecklein, Jacob Ritter, Nichlas Schamne, Peter Leiker, and Anton Wasinger. They fulfilled their mission successfully, having come as far west as Nebraska. On their return to their home towns they made a favorable report, on the strength of which the first emigrants left Russia in the year of 1875. Four of the five delegates backed up their judgment by coming to the United States themselves, namely: Peter Leiker, Peter Stoecklein, Anton Wasinger, and Nichlas Schamne. The first three named here remained until they died, while Nichlas Schamne returned to Russia. This photograph published for the first time today, was procured through the efforts of Mr. A. D. Wasinger who, knowing of its existence, corresponded with his sister in Russia, who sent it to him. It is a valuable addition to the historical data covering the history of the early settlements of this colony.

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