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The German-language newspaper Welt-Post, published from Omaha, Nebraska, printed articles on a wide range of topics. "Letters from Hell, An Index to Volga-German Famine Letters Published in Die Welt-Post 1920-1925 and 1930-1944, Compiled by Samuel D. Sinner" and published by AHSGR © provides an index of Welt-Post famine letters written by some of the Soviet Union's ethnic Germans during the early 1920s enforced famines and the early 1930s collectivization terror-famines. During this period, the Welt-Post gave the Soviet Union's ethnic Germans a voice to inform the outside world about the hellish repression, persecution and genocide that Lenin and Stalin waged against them and others.

Sinner's documented research shows that between 1915 and 1949 approximately one million ethnic Germans died in Russia and the Soviet Union. During each of these decades, the Soviet authorities murdered about one-fourth to one-third of the entire ethnic-German population. The Letters from Hell publication includes a discussion about the period, including what was known outside of the Soviet Union about the genocide, how the non-communist world overlooked what was occurring, and how this horrible nightmare became a forgotten past. The complete discussion is found in the Letters from Hell document which can be purchased from the AHSGR.

The index, with a preface by Eric J. Schmaltz of the Department of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, includes references to 32 letters from Huck, for the period of 24 February 1921 to 4 May 1933. After the 1930s, the North American relatives of these victims typically never heard from them again.

The well documented preface by Schmaltz and the introduction by Sinner captivate the reader with the chilling descriptions of genocide, repression, efforts to provide help by groups such as the Volga German Relief Society, and the political environment which resulted in the "death scream" being silenced. This publication should be on the book shelf of everyone.

24 February 1921

23 June 1921

7 July 1921

10 November 1921

24 November 1921

5 January 1922

12 January 1922

26 January 1922

9 February 1922

23 March 1922

25 May 1922

31 August 1922

8 February 1923

15 February 1923

1 March 1923

24 May 1923

31 May 1923

2 August 1923

13 September 1923

3 April 1924

3 April 1924, second letter in the issue

8 April 1924

7 August 1924

14 August 1924

18 September 1924

16 October 1924

11 December 1924

2 April 1925

11 February 1932

16 June 1932

10 December 1932

9 March 1933

13 April 1933

4 May 1933

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